Photoshop Tips for Beginners

Those who are just starting out using photo editing software such as Photoshop might be a little daunted at first. However, there are a few ways of making it easier when you start out so that you can learn the basics very quickly.

The first thing to do is to learn the keyboard shortcuts. The software has many different keyboard shortcuts linked to it and it can make it easier to use. Learn a few of the most common when you begin and then as your knowledge of the software grows you will learn more.

Colour is very important when you are enhancing photos. Those who are new to photography may find it useful to boost the colour of their images as it can help to make them look sharper and brighter. The difference between saturation and vibrancy is an important one. Vibrancy is generally considered to be better for portraits, while saturation will boost all the colours in your image and this might not be a good idea for images that have people in them.

Using a vignette can be a dramatic effect for an image. This will darken the edge of the photo and this helps to draw the eye to the centre. However, this should only be used when the subject is in the centre of the photo. This is very easy to do using Photoshop. Adding filters can be useful too, and there are a number of these that provide you with a range of different effects.

Sharpness is another useful feature of Photoshop. It can give the image a more detailed appearance and this can enhance the image. However, care should be taken when uploading an image to Facebook because of the way that the site compresses the image and adds detail. The quality of the photo can be changed depending on the platform being used.