What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is photo editing software made by Adobe. The software allows you to do everything from complete transformations to minor touch ups to the photos that you have taken. The editing system is layer-based and you can use multiple layers to create the image that you want. You can use these layers as a filter so that the basic colour of the photo is altered. Add shadows or other effects to the layers too.

While there are many different options for photo editing software out there, Photoshop has set the standard for the industry. People now use the word ‘photoshopped’ to mean an altered photo, regardless of the software brand that may have been used.

It is a type of software that is used by many different industries. It has become controversial in its use in advertising and media. Every few weeks it seems there is a story about how the software has been over-zealously used by a photographer, causing a model to lose an arm or gain an extra hand, lose 15 lbs or have the longest and most full eyelashes. There are different payment options available depending upon what you want to use the software for. If you are a professional who will be editing images all day long then it may be advisable to get the full package, while the home user or amateur photographer may only need a basic package.

Even those who are unsure of their ability on a computer can learn to use photo editing software such as Photoshop. Some of the most basic editing tasks only require a click of a button. These include altering skin tone or removing red eye. As your ability grows you can learn how to use some of the other features on the software. Photoshop allows you to give your images that professional touch.